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Ultra Rapid

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Ultra Rapid®

More and more frequently our customers need to try out a function using a proper injection moulded part before spending money on an actual tool. One of our solutions for this is using IM prototypes.
Here we use modern 3D printing technology combined with conventional injection moulding to get an outstanding speed result. It all starts with a tool design that allows us to 3D print core and cavity inserts, including cooling and metal inserts for sliders and lifters. An ejection package can be added and to make the ejector pins fit perfectly we leave the hole undersized in the 3D printed insert to later ream it out in a CNC machine.
We recommend this solution for batches up to 100 parts and in suitable materials.
You can read more in our white paper on ultra rapid tooling.
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Up to 100 parts in 1 week
Low initial cost
Wide choice of materials

Capacity: [ut_highlight color=”#000000″ bgcolor=”#F1C40F”]30 tools[/ut_highlight] per year
Capability: Low to medium complexity parts with good draft.