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Absolute precision in every detail

A Toolmaker

Above The Rest

We develop, Manufacture and assemble high precision injection molds quicker than anyone else

Absolute precision in every detail

Toolmaking Masters

We develop, Manufacture and assemble high precision injection molds quicker than anyone else

Who We Work With
Trusted by Engineers Globally at market leading companies

I have worked with The Tool Hub on many projects over the last few years. The tools always come as standard with high quality components and are designed & built to last. I would highly recommend The Tool Hub to anyone else looking to create cost-effective, high-quality tooling..


Product Development Engineer

Our preferred and trusted international tooling partner for over 10 years. We have had success with many UK and EU tooling projects. Great communication, regular updates, and great post-delivery technical support. Highly recommended..


Technical Director

Having worked closely with the Tool Hub on numerous projects over the years, we have found that TTH offer a full professional service from an initial enquiry right through to the finished product. The high standards continually produced along with very competitive pricing, exceptional lead-times and good communication.


Tooling and Design Manager

What We Do

We build inteligently designed injection mold tools cut to world leading precision quicker than anybody else.

Flexible production with big capacity

Extensive experience with all types of tools

Parts available in as little as 24 Hours

Innovative Design

Our tools are designed by world leading experts with experience in all types of mold tools

Unrivaled Service

We always stay close to our customer through the whole process from order to full production at the customer site.

Cut to Perfection

Our inserts are cut on the best equipment with extreme precision. Thanks to this our master tool fitters can assemble each tool with no manual fitting.

Always on Time

Thanks to our large and flexible capacity we have removed normal toolmaking bottle necks. This gives unbeatable leadtimes.

In-House Tool Manufacturing

In our in-house tooling facility located in Shajing 40 minutes north of Hong Kong we design and build world class injection mold tools. This is also where all tools are inspected and optimized before delivery to our customers. Having our own tool-room gives us a significant advantage as we are fully in control of the quality of our production.

All work pieces are measured before assembly, and outsourced processes are verified in-house.

We are fully equipped to handle all types of tool manufacturing and assembly.

Deigned by Experts

Our expert designers are highly skilled and experienced professionals who have a passion for creating innovative and robust designs. They have a deep understanding of design principles and techniques, as well as the latest software and tools in the industry. Our designers are able to take a project from concept to completion with attention to detail and a focus on meeting the needs and goals of our clients.

Built by Masters

Our Mater toolbuilders are the back bone to The Tool Hub. Our Masters are all experienced engineering professionals with a deep understanding of their craft and a commitment to producing work that is of the highest quality. This ensures that all tools are assembled with the highest precision and that no manual fitting is required.

Scientifically Optimized

Scientific molding is a methodology for injection molding that emphasizes the use of data-driven techniques and a systematic approach to optimize the molding process. The process parameters are adjusted to optimize the molding process, taking into account factors such as part dimensions, material properties, and desired cosmetic appearance. The process is then validated to ensure that it consistently produces parts that meet the desired specifications and quality standards.

Our Services

Injection mold tools built to the highest standards.

Leadtimes quicker than anyone else.

Our Approach

Controll everything, measure everything, improve everything.

Our Results

Happy returning customers that use our molds to improve their own production year after year.

Extreme Precision

Made with JingDiao 5 axis high speed machining

We Are The Tool Hub