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Prototype Tooling

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Prototype Tooling

As a mid way solution we offer prototype tools cut from Aluminium (preferably 7075, Alumold or QC-10) or fast machining steel such as the S50C.
This will provide a cost effective solution when only a small production volume is needed.
Depending upon the abrasiveness of the resin used and design it is possible to get 100,000 – 500,000 components from an Aluminum tool.
These tools are then kept at our production facility for production part orders.

Cost effective for part production
No Shipping Costs

Capacity: [ut_highlight color=”#000000″ bgcolor=”#f1c40f”] 100 tools [/ut_highlight] per year stretching from [ut_highlight color=”#000000″ bgcolor=”#f1c40f”] 50 Kg to 15 Tons[/ut_highlight] depending on tool construction.