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Tool Making

90% of what we do is manufacturing of high quality injection moulds that are optimized for high speed production. Our focus is on creating unexpected value for money solutions where the cost is surprisingly low for very high quality toolmaking. This gives our customers the extra edge in competitive bidding situations.

Ultra Rapid

An increasing part of our business is our ultra rapid 1 week pre production tooling system where we guarantee 100 samples in one week


Prototype tools that are machined from aluminium or tool steel with ultra high machinability


Plastic part production and manufacturing of prototypes

Tool Making

Toolmaking is and has always been our core business and the base for what we do.
At The Tool Hub we pride ourselves on delivering high quality injection mould tools with:

Very competitive prices
European tooling engineers
Local service on all markets

Capacity: 750 tools per year stretching from 50 Kg to 15 Tons depending on tool construction.
Capability: Cost efficient tools, Hi speed production tools, Unscrewing tools, Fully rotational 2K solutions.

Clear Standards

We offer production tools built to 3 clearly defined and controllable standards:

The Tool Hub 1, suitable for most applications
The Tool Hub 2, for high volume production
The Tool Hub Custom, adapted to our customers tool standards.

Please download our standards here.


To build your own standard please visit our tool standard builder here.

Build Your Standard

Ultra Rapid®

More and more frequently our customers need to try out a function using a proper injection moulded part before spending money on an actual tool. One of our solutions for this is using IM prototypes.
Here we use modern 3D printing technology combined with conventional injection moulding to get an outstanding speed result. It all starts with a tool design that allows us to 3D print core and cavity inserts, including cooling and metal inserts for sliders and lifters. An ejection package can be added and to make the ejector pins fit perfectly we leave the hole undersized in the 3D printed insert to later ream it out in a CNC machine.
We recommend this solution for batches up to 100 parts and in suitable materials.
You can read more in our white paper on ultra rapid tooling.
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Up to 100 parts in 1 week
Low initial cost
Wide choice of materials

Capacity: 30 tools per year
Capability: Low to medium complexity parts with good draft.

Prototype Tooling

As a mid way solution we offer prototype tools cut from Aluminium (preferably 7075, Alumold or QC-10) or fast machining steel such as the S50C.
This will provide a cost effective solution when only a small production volume is needed.
Depending upon the abrasiveness of the resin used and design it is possible to get 100,000 – 500,000 components from an Aluminum tool.
These tools are then kept at our production facility for production part orders.

Cost effective for part production
No Shipping Costs

Capacity: 100 tools per year stretching from 50 Kg to 15 Tons depending on tool construction.

Part Production

We have a wide range of injection moulding machines at our disposal.
These are used for tool trials but can also be used for manufacturing of parts at a very reasonable rate.

Low cost production
30-3200Ton Machines
2K part production up to 320Ton

Capacity: Small production runs to Full scale production
Capability: Wide machine range, 2K with rotating pattern, Robot transfers

Our Staff

At The Tool Hub we pride ourselves on working with the best engineers in the industry on all markets where we are active.
Our team members have got vast experience in all areas of tool making from design all the way through the tool verification process.
We know that without excellent staff we can never achieve our main target excellence, and added customer value in everything we do.




Local after sales service

In-House Tool Manufacturing

In our in-house tooling facility located in Shajing 40 minutes north of Hong Kong we design and build world class injection mold tools. This is also where all tools are inspected and optimized before delivery to our customers. Having our own tool-room gives us a significant advantage as we are fully in control of the quality of our production. All work pieces can be measured before assembly, and outsourced processes can be verified in-house. We are fully equipped to handle all types of tool manufacturing and assembly.

Always included in the price

When you decide to use our service at The Tool Hub, you can count on a few things always being included in your basic price.
These are things that help us become a better full service supplier and things that make you a safe buyer.
Our standard package includes.

DFM Reports

DFM Reports are always made and sent out before ant tool drawings are started. This helps us make sure that no important features are missed

Mold Flow Reports

We use Mold Flow technology to ensure that gates, cooling and flow is optimized to give you the best possible end product

Verified steel quality

We use XRF technology to verify that our tools are always delivered with the exact composition that we have carefully selected

Full CMM Reports

With every trial you can expect to get full CMM reports. We have access to both probe and laser heads to our CMM machines


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